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Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013
by **BS Admin**
UPDATE: February 11, 2021

New member registration is currently open.

If you have any issues making an account, please contact the admin here:

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(Under 18 please contact BS Admin)

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Once you sign up, please go to the Introductions forum, start a new topic, and tell us a little about yourself. Or if you'd just like to lurk around, no problem.

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Quick Start Guide

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014
by **BS Admin**
BS Quick Start Guide

-Create an account

-email the admin to register:

-Read these two excellent posts:
*Buying, Selling, Trading Guidelines (courtesy mnymgr1)
*BS Guide for Newbies (courtesy Wo0ki3_Stacker)

-Introduce yourself

-Use the "View New Posts" button at the top to keep up with the latest information

-Check out the monthly Kitchen Sink Auctions starting on the first Friday of each month

-Be polite and join in the conversation!