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About Bullionstacker

Postby **BS Admin** » Wed Sep 30, 2015

Bullionstacker is a precious metals discussion forum and trading site started by a group of friends frustrated with heavy moderation and unnecessary rules at other sites. All of Bullionstacker, including trading forums, is open and free to all members. The emphasis is on precious metals but just about anything legal can be discussed or sold, with the exception of buying and selling of firearms and ammunition. However discussing firearms, and posting links to good deals on the web, is both allowed and encouraged.

New members
If you’re new to precious metals or just came here to ask a question, then please go to the introductions area and start a new topic. Tell us a little about yourself, why you came here or just ask a question. The BS knowledge base is quite extensive. If your question is related to precious metals then you’ll probably get several concise answers plus a few differing opinions. To become a member, click here.

Basic etiquette
Be excellent to each other. It’s as simple as that. Name calling and attacking other members will be moderated but lively thoughtful discussions will not.

Good: After reading an opinion piece, I think silver will be higher in the fall.
Bad: You @&!*#s are all idiots!!!! TO DA MOON!!!!!!!!

For a more in-depth explanation covering basic conduct here, please read these two fine articles written by members:
*Buying, Selling, Trading Guidelines (courtesy mnymgr1)
*BS Guide for Newbies (courtesy Wo0ki3_Stacker)
*Newbie Guide to Silver Talk, Lingo, Acronyms and Phrases (courtesy 4Ahau)


And always feel free to send a message to a moderator if you’re not sure about something.

Welcome to BullionStacker!
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