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Postby silverpv » Mon Jun 11, 2018

trapperrick wrote:Ethereum is down 17% in the past week. At what point would be a good buy in?

Right before it goes back up..

Seriously.. last low was $360. You can wait for it to go all the way down til then. Sub $400 is relatively safe if it gets there.

Staking notes was released that lowered the staking amount to 32 eth from 1500 with a 5% reward.

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Postby SilverDoge » Sun Jul 08, 2018

When it comes to centralized vs decentralized in the smart contract space, there are more and more options coming out. ETH, ADA, NEO, EOS, XTZ, and now VeChain (VET) with their MainNet launch. I would argue that VET is on the more centralized spectrum, and ETH more decentralized overall. Existing businesses wanting to use blockchain tech might need a more centralized route until ETH figures out this whole network clogging problems. Some thoughts:

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