DNA testing... yay or nay?

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Would you take a dna test to learn your family history?

Yes. It would be cool to find out.
Yes, but I'm worried about what happens next with the data.
Yes. I've already given up my dna to the government.
Total votes: 46

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Re: DNA testing... yay or nay?

Postby Super Stacker PCB » Wed May 30, 2018

I guess you have to take the good with the bad. DNA evidence has also cleared people and gotten them out of jail. So a case was investigated and he was actually proven not to be there by his DNA, so everything worked out. Checking leads to figure out a murder case sounds like good detective work to me.
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Re: DNA testing... yay or nay?

Postby mtforpar » Wed May 30, 2018

To me, it's just pretty simple. Trusting the government with your personal data is not smart. The Social Security number was created for the sole purpose of tracking the earnings history of an individual. With a promise of nothing more than that. Now the number is used to track countless items. This will be no different and will seem harmless until it is not.
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