Semi-Serious Poll

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Rik Bitter
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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby Rik Bitter » Mon Jan 30, 2017

BarsandStars wrote:You got any pills to get rid of this 3rd leg i've been carrying around all these years? My back is killing me.

You're doing it wrong. Lift with your knees.
*** LOOKING FOR YPS #17 & 18s. Please contact me if you have any for sale.***


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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby lomalu » Mon Jan 30, 2017

I want the wisdom pill...
Not too interested in the " ability to retain learned information pill" , that comes with its own set of headaches.
Edited to choose immunity :shh:
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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby Rodebaugh » Mon Jan 30, 2017

BarsandStars wrote:You got any pills to get rid of this 3rd leg i've been carrying around all these years? My back is killing me.

No but this my lessen the burden.


Or make it worse.... :?

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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby wjruth » Tue Jan 31, 2017

Green - Elemental. No need for houses, your never cold or warm. Oxygen depleted areas wouldn't matter as your lungs will still work. You can surround yourself with fire / live in water if you wanted and can talk to animals.

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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby MrGaribaldi » Tue Jan 31, 2017

ActionJack wrote:I'd take immunity. ........... Additionally how can you pass up having the cure to cancer for the sake of mankind.

If anyone finds out that your blood can cure cancer, expect to find yourself locked up in a lab somewhere. So they can keep you well, take a pint every 8 wks for life, which could be a very long time since you are, well, immune and to figure out how you do it.

I'll pass. I'll stay with the extraordinary power pill.
And life goes on ......

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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby iron-pyrite » Sat Feb 11, 2017

One pill to rule them all! Do I have to take a pill? Cuz I taken a few before and they had side effects and/or are addictive. I'm happy today fumbling through life. If i must chose I would take the psych one and start a magic show in Vegas! I think that would be fun and cool way to earn a living and help people.

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Long John
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Re: Semi-Serious Poll

Postby Long John » Sun Feb 12, 2017

I'll take the time travel pill, please. I would like to go back to, say, September and IGNORE THE !@#$% ELECTION ACTION THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cough* Thank you. I needed that.

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