RIP Roy Clark

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RIP Roy Clark

Postby toddler81 » Thu Nov 15, 2018

I didn't watch it much, but I remember Hee Haw fondly.
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Re: RIP Roy Clark

Postby MileHighSilver » Thu Nov 15, 2018

I saw RC live in the mid 80's in Lake Tahoe, if an instrument had a string RC could play it, I always thought the HH show made him come off as a buffoon rather than the exceptional musician that he was.

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Re: RIP Roy Clark

Postby BigJim#1-8 » Thu Nov 15, 2018

One of the real good guys, fantastic talent. RIP.
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Re: RIP Roy Clark

Postby trapperrick » Thu Nov 15, 2018

I watched him on HeeHaw as a kid. He was a fantastic banjo player.
Rest In Peace Roy.
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Re: RIP Roy Clark

Postby snappy » Thu Nov 15, 2018

Always a class act. The band on high just kicked into ho-down mode! RIP Mr Clark.

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Re: RIP Roy Clark

Postby agnostic » Thu Nov 15, 2018

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Re: RIP Roy Clark

Postby fredzoyt » Thu Nov 15, 2018

That guy could shred an electric guitar too. Excellent musician!

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