RIP Stan Lee

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RIP Stan Lee

Postby tdtwedt » Mon Nov 12, 2018

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics Co-Creator, Dead at 95

Image ... ead-at-95/
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Re: RIP Stan Lee

Postby Mother lode » Mon Nov 12, 2018

A true American icon. RIP Mr. Lee.

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Re: RIP Stan Lee

Postby CCC2010 » Mon Nov 12, 2018

RIP Mr. Lee.
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Re: RIP Stan Lee

Postby Southpaw » Mon Nov 12, 2018

RIP Nuff said

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Re: RIP Stan Lee

Postby Rik Bitter » Mon Nov 12, 2018

I can't think of another person who has contributed as much to a specific artistic genre as Stan Lee did to comics. I was never much into comics, but I had a very sick nephew who loved comic books as an escape from the misery of cancer treatment. I wonder if Stan understood how many people his art touched. Godspeed Mr. Lee.

Hrm. That was a lot heavier than I intended. Let's lighten it up a bit...

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