Trying to eat healthy

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Re: Trying to eat healthy

Postby apdigs8 » Thu Jan 18, 2018

I don't really have any interest in arguing or judging or making a huge post. But I will say about my story... I have been 99.9% vegan for the last 9.5 years. I feel the best diet for human diet is a diet that is all raw, with an unlimited amount of ripe juicy fruits, as much tender leafy greens as desired, and a small - modest amount of fats such as avocado or nuts.

I think the best cooked foods to add in to this diet are sweet potatoes, potatoes, grains, beans, vegetables etc.

I think any processed foods should be avoided like vegetable oil and salt really have no place in the diet and should be kept to a minimum. It has taken me years to transition and detoxify and still even now my diet is far from perfect or ideal. The planet is in a tough situation. Overall though it seems my body is able to run much better on this cleaner diet.

If anyone is interested in learning more i recommend movies such as "cowspiracy" "earthlings" "forks over knives" "what the health" "king korn" etc etc there are many out there
some books like diet for a new america, the 80-10-10 diet, the science and fine art of fasting, man's higher consciousness, may also be of interest
I would say the philosophy I subscribe to most would be that which is referred to as "NATURAL HYGIENE"

Of course, food isn't everything, and your overall lifestyle such as fresh air, exposure to sunlight, exercise, mental health and many other factors will go in to determining ones overall health

Aloha from hawaii!
"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies soon will be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny." -Thomas Jefferson ( 1778 )

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Re: Trying to eat healthy

Postby iron-pyrite » Thu Jan 18, 2018

Forks over knives is good, and there is good science about fasting.

Every time it comes down to calories in and calories out, exercise, and nutritional value/content.

It is true that a clean/natural diet can satisfy this. There are other ways as well.

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Re: Trying to eat healthy

Postby tdtwedt » Fri Jan 19, 2018

Healthy ??? :shifty:

Burger King takes swat at McDonald's with new gut bomb burger

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Re: Trying to eat healthy

Postby dbm300 » Fri Jan 19, 2018

Day 19 closes and I'm still french fry free.
... and Bob's your uncle.

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