Paypal debit card

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Paypal debit card

Postby Turtle » Sun Nov 12, 2017

Anyone have a paypal debit card? Looks like it would make it easier to withdraw paypal money, but I cant figure out if there are fees attached. The website seems to say yes and no depending on circumstance?
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Re: Paypal debit card

Postby MaryB » Sun Nov 12, 2017

I have one, if you use it at an ATM you pay that banks fees(mine is $3) plus PP tacks on $1 for some reason... but if you use it as a credit card(I do often) it is free. Instead of using my bank account i=to shop I use my PP card if I have anything in the account. If I need cash getting it from the bank ATM is free with my bank debit card.

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Re: Paypal debit card

Postby Bucketeer » Sun Nov 12, 2017

I have a PP credit card, but I very rarely use it unless I can pay off the purchase in the next month. The interest rates are pretty high. I believe it has some value in a dispute with a merchant because a credit card purchase carries a little more clout than a debit card in a dispute.

For most items processed by PayPal, I use my bank checking account.
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