Long time no see

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Long time no see

Postby str8flexed » Thu Dec 06, 2018

Not sure if any of you remember me, but I'm back buying a bit of the shiny stuff. Been busy over the past few years with starting a business and some other projects I've been working on. Me and a buddy of mine have started a fitness related YouTube "travel channel" type channel that we are hoping to sell one day to a network once we get some more videos recorded, we have gone through some video editors that haven't worked out and finally think we landed on one that is in the process of editing our last episode that we recorded now. I also competed in the Kentucky Muscle Powerlifting Championships and won that back in October. Won my weight class, as well as had the highest total for the event, won 2 gold medals and broke 3 state records. Healing up from a hernia surgery right now (I had these long before the powerlifting meet, but was waiting until after to get them fixed) and figure prices are looking pretty good on silver so I'm back in buying mode for a bit.

Here is the video from the event, and subscribe to the channel if you are interested in fitness/bodybuilding/powerlifting. We go around the US and get tips from various IFBB Pros as well as other professionals in their respected field to help viewers expand their knowledge (its a work in progress, but we get better each time we record an episode).


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Re: Long time no see

Postby MaxGravy » Thu Dec 06, 2018

Welcome back and congrats on your success!
I'm clearly not very bright.

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Re: Long time no see

Postby Brick's » Thu Dec 06, 2018

The athletic trainer send his respect your way for your accomplishments. Jacked.
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