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Leaving Feedback, Please Read

Postby lomalu » Mon Jun 04, 2012

When you are leaving feedback for another member, please take a moment and select the role they had in the trade.
This is very simple and easy to understand. You are leaving feedback for the other member, you mark their role and leave feedback about their side of the deal.
When leaving feedback for another member,it is not about you, it's about them. See Simple :)
This may seem like it does not matter,not true.
We use feedback to make decisions on who and how we deal. Suppose a member has 97 positive feedback and has been here 8 months. Would you send them a substantial amount of money for a substantial amount of gold before they ship??? What if they have been only a buyer, of predominately smaller purchases?
Now, if alot of members mistakenly leave feedback and you see this member has made 19 sales with excellent feedback (when in reality they have zero sales ), you would be more inclined to send payment first or cross ship,not being too worried about it.
Also, suppose a member makes a mistake on a post as a seller and people get upset over it. We go look at the feedback and see this member very rarely sales,well no sense in hanging this member especially if this member has been around awhile with no problems.
Thanks for your help!
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