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Re: 2000 members

Postby SilverDoge » Mon Mar 20, 2017

bigjohn wrote:
SilverDoge wrote:
Long John wrote:
Recluse wrote:Both times I came here after someone posted on kitco that silver was available less than $1 over spot. I would come here and not find anything like that.

Was that when spot was 2damoon and $1 over would have been a helluva small premium?

Fun stat: The member list includes 111 people who have "Silver" in their name. Edit: 111 who start their name with Silver.

How unoriginal, right!?!? Bunch of slackers

Unoriginal indeed but as long as they don't also have some silver coin as their avatar, that would be okay. Total overkill otherwise ;)

Hah! No doubt.

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Re: 2000 members

Postby silverpv » Mon Mar 20, 2017


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Re: 2000 members

Postby MaxGravy » Mon Mar 20, 2017

Slacking is highly underrated. :shifty:
Don't grow up - it's a trap!

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Re: 2000 members

Postby agnostic » Mon Mar 20, 2017

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Re: 2000 members

Postby DRP270 » Mon Mar 20, 2017

PeacePeople wrote:1 more is 2500

We are over that now :thumbup:

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