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Re: Computer Security

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017
by silverpv
Rik Bitter wrote:
silverpv wrote:
Rik Bitter wrote:
fredzoyt wrote:
MaxGravy wrote:I just use a mac. :P

Oh no, here we go. :lol:

I run Brave browser on linux so you guys can just have at it.

The browser is only one point of entry. Even linux distros have holes in them. Be careful with a false sense of security. Always stay up to date, moreso than relying on being on a linux distro.

Agreed. Running linux just means there is fewer viruses that are gunning for you. I'm a fan of layers, so I run Comodo to keep an eye out for virus/malware. My next step is to get set up with a VPN service. With that setup I become a small target, somewhat obscured from view and with a kevlar vest on.

I like my chances.

:thumbup: vpn doesn't really do much, if you want, setup your own. Get a server for $5/mo and slap openvpn for your own private vpn, if you use a paid service you're open to man-in-the-middle attacks. Security is all about layers.