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Alt-Coin HALO

Postby SilverDoge » Tue Jul 31, 2018

The HALO network platform has the goal of becoming a one-stop crypto shop. This crypto project has nearly 40 employees. I had the chance to ask questions of the CEO/founder and was impressed. Ease of use is very important in this space and this team understands this. Currently many things in this ecosystem are fragmented or piecemealed together and HALO is looking to overcome this. Loopring (LRC) was my earlier choice for supporting a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), but this will be my new choice, as it is easier to share in the profits of the ecosystem if one can obtain a MasterNode (MN), and the ease of use is better. This one is also very under the radar (on purpose) until they launch their exchanges.

The ICO was last year (2017) and the MainNet HALO blockchain launched on May 21st, 2018. The DEX will likely launch in August 2018. And it won't just support ERC-20 (Ethereum tokens) like many other DEXs - it will support many projects - to include potential projects like DBET that will be running on VET.

Why HALO over others? The ETH network has serious congestion issues and gas costs that are not suitable/reliable for standard businesses executing smart contracts on a frequent basis. A platform like NEO requires a project to purchase 500 GAS to launch. HALO will operate on the principle of a ZERO transaction fee and ZERO gas fee for the execution of smart contracts. This is perfect for micro-payment and micro-transaction projects that I've been waiting for. It could be game changing, depending on the sort of dApps and games that get built - and there are already 5 games in the works, with 2 nearly complete.

Additionally, ICO's will be able to launch on the HALO platform, and buyers will need to own HALO in order to buy into said ICOs. They will eventually have fiat to crypto direct as well as debit cards options, and they will get a money transmitter license as well as be regulatory compliant with FinSec, SEC, IRS, etc.

The HALO coin is not currently traded on any exchanges. It will be once the HALO DEX launches. Currently you can only acquire it OTC (over the counter) in their Discord channel. I recently picked up enough to run a Tier 1 MN which requires 500 HALO. The ICO price was $10 each. During the short time it has been OTC trading, the price has been as high as $40 at the peak, but is currently around $8, and that was my time to strike.

The MN system has an interesting setup. It will take over 2 years for enough HALO to be in circulation before the MNs have the potential to be filled based on the MN cap levels. This will create a unique demand and potentially a sell side shortage supply while people are hoping to lock up in the MNs in order to earn rewards in the long term. The MNs receive fees from exchange fee trading, and also receive HALO as it is emitted over time. And MNs can be traded in the marketplace, and you can do a shared MN with strangers and receive a percentage of the rewards equal to one's proportional share of the MN. This is a high risk, with a potential high reward (or total bust) play.

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