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Postby Brick's » Mon Jun 04, 2018

Checked my Binance account earlier yesterday and the totals. Turns out I'm about .0004 of a Bitcoin (BTC)down (cumulative value of all Crypto) from my start point. BTC was also down about $175 from my initial buy. Remembering I started with just .12 BTC. Between a 1/4 and a 1/3rd is in alternative Crypto.

I'd have buy limits in for DBET and QRL but Binance isn't up to speed with them yet. Have a lowball buy limit in for QTUM. A new one that popped up on my radar is (CTM) Cybermiles. Also tracking DASH, NEM, and NEO for possible lowball buys. But, they are not inexpensive enough yet.

Speaking of Binance it seems to have the most resilience of the Crypto I'm following. Especially during down turns as it recently hit an all time high vs BTC. Seriously considering cyclical trades in and out of it, but only small positions to play with.

Came across a couple of video about using a cheap old cell phone as cold storage. Seems simple enough for someone like me but thought I'd get feedback prior. Android, No sim card, factory default settings, WiFi off, insert micro SD from Mycelium and away you go. Well, away you go is everything I know nothing about but could learn by Cryptotarding out. Worth considering or is it more complicated and unsafe than I am thinking?

Again, simpler is better to me and why I like old 1959 ford small block V8s to work on. At least you could crawl in and have space to work the wrenches.
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