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Re: Alt-Coins

Postby Brick's » Wed Sep 12, 2018

Then this is where the shat coins get washed out and the real ones continue to new highs. That is if the comparison to the .com boom/bust/boom follows. I mean, this is how the continuation of the comparison would go, right? So we wait around for a year and a half from the initial prick to the bubble finishing popping and ride the new wave of survivors. Thankful to bloomberg for keeping us in perspective of where we are in the cycle right now.
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Re: Alt-Coins

Postby tdtwedt » Tue Sep 18, 2018

Prosecutors Can Pursue First Criminal Fraud Case Involving An ICO, Judge Rules

What began one year ago as a civil action brought by the SEC against a ICO founder accused of defrauding his clients has transformed into the first criminal fraud proceeding against an ICO - all thanks to a judge's ruling that the charges brought by the DOJ can proceed. ... udge-rules
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Re: Alt-Coins

Postby Silversaving » Sun Sep 23, 2018

Pretty good segment on Vechain aired today on CNBC. I've been an investor and follower of this project for a while now. Anyway, if you're interested in how blockchain and industry come together give it a watch.
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